General conditions of participation in international exhibitions


“ExpoSystem” Limited Liability Company (OOO “ExpoSystem”). The company organizes and conducts specialized exhibitions in the Republic of Belarus with assistance of the relevant Ministries of the Republic of Belarus.

The participant signed the Contract for participation in the exhibition, hereinafter referred to as Exhibitor, is obliged to comply with the requirements set forth in the General Condition of Participation in International Exhibitions.

When the Organizer of the exhibition receives from the Exhibitor the Contract for participation in the exhibition (including an identified fax) signed by an authorized representative of the Exhibitor, it means that the Organizer and the Exhibitor signed the Contract for participation in the exhibition, according to which, the Exhibitor agrees to participate in the exhibition and to pay timely and fully the participation in it under the conditions and in the manner specified in the Contract for participation in the exhibition referred to above.

The Exhibitor also considers that the Organizer shall bear the costs associated with the implementation of its obligations under the specified Contract for participation and therefore will not require the return of cash assets paid to the Organizer of the exhibition (except in the case of cancellation of the exhibition). Besides, the Exhibitor undertakes to refund to the Organizer the damages connected with implementation of the specified Contract if any.


1.1 For registration of the participation in the exhibition it is necessary to send to the Organizer signed and stamped application forms (not later than 10 days before the opening of the exhibition):

• The Contract for participation in the exhibition.
• Stand plan with the list of additional equipment and services if required.
• Information for the electronic version of the exhibition catalogue (available only in electronic form).

1.2. Application forms are official financial obligations.

1.3. Upon receipt the signed Contract for participation in the exhibition by the Organizer this Contract cannot be cancelled unilaterally by the Exhibitor.

1.4 In case of deficiency of application forms for catalogue, the Exhibitors are included in the catalogue on the basis of the information available in the Contract for participation. Claims for non-inclusion in the catalogue or mistakes in the information in this case are not accepted.


2.1. The cost of participation is determined in accordance with the rates given in the forms: “Forms of participation and fees”, “Facilities and equipment”, “Catalogue information” and paid based on the invoice issued to the Exhibitor by the Organizer. The procedure and terms of payment are specified in the invoice. Payment for participation in the exhibition is made by the Exhibitor to the bank account of the Organizer within the time specified in the invoice. For nonresidents in foreign currency, for residents in Belarusian rubles. In case of non-payment of the declared exhibition space, not later than 10 days before the exhibition opening, the exhibition space is not guaranteed. The Exhibitor has no right to display the exhibits until full payment of participation in accordance with the Contract for participation in the exhibition.

2.2. Confirmation by the Organizer of the exhibition space reservation for Exhibitor (under the Contract) provided the pre-payment of the registration fee for participation in the exhibition.

2.3. The Exhibitor pays for delay in payments to the Organizer a penalty of 0.2% of the amount of payment per day late. Penalty payment does not exempt the Exhibitor from the undertaken obligations.

2.4. The Organizer has the right to set preferential terms of payment for exhibition space: – The space rental over 15 sq.m – up to 5% discount – The space rental over 24 sq.m – up to 10% discount – The space rental over 24 sq.m – up to 15% discount

2.5. Exhibition spaces not occupied by the Exhibitor by the time of the opening of the exhibition are considered free and the Organizer has the right to dispose them at discretion. In this case the participation fee is not refunded to the Exhibitor.

2.6. Refusal of the Exhibitor of the declared spaces, less than 45 days before the exhibition beginning, the Exhibitor shall pay a penalty in amount of 50% of the sum of invoices, 100% – in case of refusal of participation less than 30 days before the exhibition. In case of refusal of participation in the exhibition the registration fee is non-refundable.

2.7. The Contract between the Organizer and the Exhibitor shall be terminated after execution by the Parties of their obligations. The end date of the provision of the Organizer of services on participation of the Exhibitor in the exhibition is the date of the end of the exhibition. The amount of services provided by the Organizer is determined on the basis of invoices billed to the Exhibitor.

2.8. If the Exhibitor does not sign a bilateral Acceptance Certificate and does not provide a written reasoned refusal of Acceptance Certificate and services within five (5) business days after the provision of the Certificate by the Organizer, the Organizer has the right to make a unilateral Certificate, which is the basis for payment between the parties.


3.1. When ordering non-standard stands it is necessary to attach to the Contract for participation the plan of the stand with a scheme of arrangement of electrical equipment, water supply, air supply, furniture and other equipment.

3.2. The Exhibitor can produce the stand independently or with the assistance of third parties, provided the coordination of the stand project with the Organizer (not later than 20 days before the beginning of the exhibition assembling). The stand shall conform to the building regulations and the requirements of the Organizer.

3.3. The Exhibitor planning the construction of stand elements above the standard height of 2.5 m, shall agree on the location of the stand with the Organizer, as construction should be linked with the neighboring stands and should not break the overall layout, to interfere the work at the neighbouring stands.

3.4. Installation and dismantling of the stand and the exhibits should be carried out only within the rental space provided leaving the passages free.

3.5. The orders for modifying of stand layout or additional equipment for less than 2 days before the start of the exhibition and during the exhibition are made with 100% margin and provided availability the equipment.


4.1. The Exhibitor carries out independently the insurance of exhibits against any damages.

4.2. The Organizer provides general security around the clock in the exhibition area, without carrying out of individual protection of the stand at the same time. The organizer recommends to be careful for the safety of exhibits, valuables, personal items during the exhibition.

4.3. The Organizer is not responsible for the safety of the exhibits or property of the Exhibitor in case of loss, damage, theft at the exhibition, damages in working hours of the exhibition (from 9:00 till 19:00 o’clock), on days of installation and dismantle of the exhibition, as well as the property and equipment of the Exhibitor in case of untimely removing of the exhibits from the territory of the pavilion.

4.4. The exhibitor can fix illustrative materials to fencing panels, without causing damage at the same time. The cost of the damaged elements of the stand construction is collected from the Exhibitor in four times equivalent.

4.5. The Exhibitor is responsible for the contents and reliability of the information promotional materials sent to the Organizer of the exhibition and for their compliance with the requirements of the Law on Advertising of the Republic of Belarus, as well as the quality of the presented exhibits.

4.6. The Exhibitor (or representative) is responsible for any damage caused to third parties during the participation in the exhibition, including damages to the pavilion and exhibition equipment.

4.7. The organizer has the right to change the location of exhibitin area of the Exhibitor after confirmation of the application if circumstances so require.


5.1. All installation works at stands, works on packing and arrangement of exhibits, export of empties shall be finished on the last day of the exhibition till 20:00. The organizer has the right to replace or remove everything that can prevent the work of the exhibition with funding from the Exhibitor.
5.2. Placement of elements of advertizing on walls, constructions, banners, columns, floor and other parts of the pavilion is coordinated with the Organizer and paid on additional tariff.

5.3. Any advertizing campaigns carried out by the Exhibitor at the exhibition shall be coordinated with the Organizer in writing.

5.4. Contests, lotteries, drawings and prize competitions shall be held only in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus and with the written permission of the Organizer.

5.5. The Organizer has the right to restrict any kind of audio and video advertising.

5.6. Special illumination on the frieze panel should light only this frieze panel. The flashing light is not allowed. The Organizer reserves the right to disconnect power supply of the device of the Exhibitor which light prevents the work of other Exhibitors.

5.7. Selling of exhibits and equipment at the exhibition is carried out in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

5.8. Dismantle of the stand, packing and carrying out of exhibits from the stand before official closing of the exhibition is prohibited.
5.9. Cleaning of rent area is provided by the Exhibitor or by his request, according to the invoice.


6.1. The Exhibitor is obliged to observe fire safety regulations and safety requirements.

6.2. It is prohibited to place on the stands inflammable exhibits.

6.3. For the stands equipped on the individual project during arrival, installation and in the period of the exhibition, the Exhibitor shall have the list of documents: stand plan, the certificate confirming that the materials and designs used at construction, including floor covering, wood materials, podium, etc. have passed fire-prevention processing and are not flammable and fire-dangerous, the Contract with companies implementing fire-prevention processing of materials, and fire extinguishers on the established norms. Fire extinguishers are obligatory at every stand with fire hazard exhibits.

6.4. It is prohibited to use open fire in the exhibition area. Smoking is allowed only in designated smoking areas.


7.1. On the first day of the exhibition The Exhibitor is obliged to check mutual settlements with the Organizer and make additional payments if necessary.
7.2. The terms of installation and dismantle are defined by the Organizer depending on the exhibition profile.

7.3. Co-organizer shall bear full responsibility for compliance with the General Conditions of Participation by all participants of collective exposition.
7.4. Transmission of sold exhibits from the stands is not allowed until the end of the exhibition.

7.5. Exhibitors are strictly forbidden to eliminate on its own any malfunction in electric equipment established at the stand, and also to connect independently electrical appliances to regular power sources of the exhibition pavilion.

7.6. In case of early departure of the Exhibitor from the exhibition the Exhibitor shall pay a penalty of 50% of the costs of occupied exhibition space.

7.7. The Parties recognize as authentic facsimile of their signatures and stamps, including those made by means of digital (electronic) communication.


EXHIBITOR _____________________ ( ) STAMP